Returns Policy

We do everything we can to ensure that you receive the best in customer service. If you have questions about products before or after ordering feel free to contact us.

We value your business and understand that shopping online can make product selection challenging. This is why we go to great lengths to provide you with extensive product information such as product materials, noise levels, power levels, measurements and more. We encourage you to use this information when you make a purchase, as all sales are final.

Our strict policy is to sell only new, unused merchandise to our customers, and orders are inspected to ensure that condition is met, and there are no apparent defects or breaks or cracks in the manufacturer packaging.  Once your order leaves our warehouse for delivery to you, we lose control over that quality and we rely on you to contact us immediately if you discover  a manufacturer defect in any of the merchandise ordered If that happens, you should take care to save any documentation and packaging that arrives with your order, as it may be required once we contact our supplier to arrange for a replacement to be shipped to you.  We may also require photographs of the defect so that we can provide them as evidence to our supplier.  Our Customer Care staff will guide you through this process and will let you know if the merchandise should be returned to our warehouse, along with any other steps necessary to resolve such matters.

Because of the health-sensitive nature of the products we sell, and the potential for biologic and non-biologic contamination occurring once the packaging is opening either during shipping and delivery or if opened or used after delivery, we don't accept returns (except in very limited circumstances) for two reasons:

  1. We can't certify the quality or hygiene of the merchandise if shipped, it would be irresponsible to require return using generally available commercial carriers;  in fact, this restriction is common amongst mail and other carriers;
  2. In order to guard against inadvertent cross-contamination, we are unable to store returns alongside merchandise in our warehouses.  This is similar to the reason that restaurants or drive-thru windows don't accept returns  (for any reason) of food products once they have left the hands of employees.

For these reasons, we don't accept returns unless there is a manufacturer defect evident.

Nov 4, 2019

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