Manufacturer Defects

The procedure to be followed if you receive an item having a manufacturer defect.

  1. Email us to obtain approval and an RMA number
  2. Provide photographs showing defect (if requested)
  3. Send defective item to our warehouse (only if asked to do so)
  4. Be available to sign for the delivery of a replacement item
  5. Contact Manufacturer to determine procedure under warranty.

1.   Email us to obtain approval and an RMA number

All returns of defective items must be approved before we can accept them. To start the return or replacement process, you must - within 30 days of receiving your order - contact our staff to obtain a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) number.  You can get your RMA number by sending an email to our staff at  Include in your email details such as the Order Number, your name and address, the date you received your order and if you were required to sign for it, a detailed description of the defect you observed.  The RMA number must be shown on all correspondence and packaging.

2. Provide photographs showing a defect

Your email will be reviewed, and the order located in our systems.  You will receive an email confirming that we have received yours. If approved, we will provide you with an RMA number, and advise what, if anything further is required.  You may be asked to provide photographs showing the defect, or for more details, etc.   It is important that you reply as quickly as possible so that we can take advantage of time-limited options (if any) that may be available to you.

If we can't get approval to process your request as a manufacturer defect, we will advise you of the options available, such as Manufacturer's warranty, etc.

3.  Send the defective item to our warehouse

In very limited circumstances, we may require that you return the merchandise to our warehouse.  If so, we will either provide you with a prepaid shipping label (which you can print from your computer and securely taped to the outside of any packaging used for the return) or we will arrange for a credit to be applied to the credit card used to purchase the item originally.  Prepaid shipping labels will be time-sensitive so it is important that the return is handled quickly.  Full details will be provided if this is a requirement.

4.  Be available to sign for the delivery of a replacement item

Because Manufacturer Defect return/replacements are handled by the Manufacturer using our staff as an extension thereof.   As such, we are only able to resolve these situations in accordance with Manufacturer Policy, which normally allows replacement but no refunds or credits.  Therefore, once approved by the Manufacturer, a replacement for the defective item will be shipped to you.  It is important that you be available to sign for the delivery.  Please ensure that we have an address at which you will be available.

5. Contact Manufacturer to determine procedure under warranty.

Most of our products have a manufacturer's warranty that can provide you with additional remedies.  If you have not discovered any defect in your merchandise within 30 days there may be some additional steps that you can take directly with the manufacturer.  Information regarding your rights can be found in materials shipped with your order, or at the manufacturer's online websites.

Nov 4, 2019

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