Best Online Adult Toys Retailer - Canada

Following extensive preparations, research and deliberation I am absolutely delighted to confirm Kinky Toy Store as one of our champions for the for the  2018 Toy, Game & Gadget Awards -Best Online Adult Toys Retailer - Canada!

In its inaugural year at LUX Magazine, the 2018 Toy, Game & Gadget Awards looks to show its appreciation to the innovators and fabricators of the devices, puzzles, and objects which have captured the attention and inspired the imagination of the young and old alike.

Whether these amusements and pass times are designed to engage the mind, broaden our hand-eye coordination or allow us to escape from the mundane, The Toy, Game & Gadget Awards will reveal the dedicated architects behind the industry that gives us so much.

We wanted to showcase not only world-famous brands but also smaller, independently run establishments as well as those working behind the scenes to ensure that every consumer has an experience that they will remember for all the right reasons.

Jessie Wilson – Awards Executive – LUX- Life Magazine

Nov 5, 2019

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